The benefits of Cav-Form


Cav Form™ Practical Advantages

  • Eliminates any risk of water ingress to the building via the cavity.
  • Eliminates the need for an additional backing block wall when using natural stone or other vanacular materials.
  • Insulation is firmly fixed creating a snug fit against the inner leaf, ensuring the thermal integrity of the building is uncompromised.
  • Easy to manipulate, it reduces labour costs and materials handling.
  • Quick to assemble, it cuts down the duration of construction time.
  • Light and easy to store and transport around site.
  • Less excavated material from foundations.
  • Less spoil to be removed from site, reducing land fill.
  • Smaller foundations require less concrete.
  • Significantly increases the floor or living space of the building, typically allowing for an additional en suite, bedroom or study room to form part of the design.



Cav Form™ Economic Advantages

  • Elimination of the backing block wall reduces costs, not only of the blocks themselves, but also of the associated labour. Taking delivery, handling (often re-handling) and storing pallets of blocks on site all have time and cost implications. These are significantly reduced when installing the Cav-Form system.
  • Simplicity of construction means less experienced staff can quickly and safely become involved with minimal training and supervision.
  • Less spoil from site reduces costs in relation to the reuse, recycling and ultimate disposal of waste.
  • Additional floor space, a welcome advantage with this system, will always add value.



Cav Form™ Environmental Benefits                                                                

  • Elimination of the backing block wall radically reduces the environmental impact. Manufacture and transportation of large volumes of concrete blocks is significantly reduced. The lightweight compact system can easily be handled, carried, loaded and off-loaded without the need for mechanical lifting gear.
  • Cav-Form is made from recycled materials. Re-use and recycling underpins company policy relating to both manufacture and procurement.
  • Thermal value is enhanced because of the snug fit achieved by the Cav-Form system. Insulation is permanently held firm against the inner leaf. The fluted polypropylene backing board has a layer of trapped air adding to thermal performance. 

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